Accomodation Rates
$35 per person/ per night
Kids (under 12) half price & under 3 is free

Based on Occupancy
Please call for rates

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In Memory of John
"This Parks Creator"

Four Wheeling Allen's Four Seasons AccommodationsNon-resident license are available locally or may be obtained from: Click here to apply

Hundreds of miles of great hunting grounds await you in the Jackman Region of Maine, and most of this wilderness area offers almost unlimited access to the woods.

Moose Hunting
If you're lucky enough to get a moose permit, you're almost sure to get one in Jackman. The drawing takes place in June, applications have to be in by April 1. Please remember Jackman is in Zone 8. Click here for information on how to apply

Deer Hunting
Known for its whitetail deer, the Jackman Region has some of the largest trophy deer.

Bear Hunting
You can hunt for bear in September and again in November. We can arrange a complete hunt over bait for you or you can bring your own dogs and search for them.

Canada Geese - Partridge - Duck - Coyote - Showshoe Hare
We have a lot of partridge duck, canadian geese, snowshoe hare and coyote in the Jackman area.