Accomodation Rates
$35 per person/ per night
Kids (under 12) half price & under 3 is free

Based on Occupancy
Please call for rates

Call Me On Skype
(207) 668-7683
or Cell 660-7570
In Memory of John
"This Parks Creator"

Rate Sheet

Wi-Fi accessible thru most of the campground

Camp Ground

Drive-thru sites includes water, electricity & cable TV.  Laundromat on site

RV Rate:     $40/per day
Tent Site:     $15/per day/per tent 

Camper & RV

Yearly Rates:
Payment is due January 1st - campers are prorated to that date at arrival
Upper Campground Rates 1-12 
Site Rates 14-20
$1180.00 with water & sewar
Pond Sites

Wooded Sites - Rock Street

1-6 $1550.00/ year     7-13 $1300.00 

All sites individually metered, you pay for additional electricity if electric heat or air conditioners are used. 
*Rates are based on a family of two adults and two children. 
*Each additional person will be charged $5.00 per night. Children under five free.
* Campers that have paid for the season or year cannot transfer rental to others, if you leave, there is no refunds and lot becomes rentable by the owner